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About The Programme

In an increasingly interconnected world driven by changing technology, fostering international collaboration between academic institutions is crucial to keep pace with international standards. Recognizing this exigency, the Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur (India) in collaboration with the University of Technology Mauritius (UTM) and the University of  Mauritius (UOM) is proposing a joint MBA  program to students who are interested to capitalize on this global learning opportunity taking place in two countries and across three institutions.

This MBA in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management is spread over two years. During Year 1 (July-March), the Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur (IIMS) lays the foundation with a rigorous curriculum encompassing core business and management courses, along with specialized modules focused on tourism. In Year 2 (April - December), the program transitions to Mauritius, where students study at two leading universities of Mauritius namely University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) and University of  Mauritius (UOM).

The program's distinctiveness lies in its internationally oriented approach, cultivating a diverse array of employable skills applicable to various managerial and entrepreneurial positions within the global tourism industry. The objective is to empower students to explore career opportunities and cultivate entrepreneurial talent on a global scale. Throughout the program, students are exposed to varied intercultural learning environments, equipping them to thrive in diverse global workplaces. Students will engage in interactive learning activities such as workshops, webinars, seminars, conferences and projects involving fieldwork, study tours, research, cultural events among others. Ultimately, this joint MBA program offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring tourism, travel, and hospitality professionals to acquire the knowledge, skills, and adaptability necessary to work in a dynamic global environment.


This unique joint MBA program on Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality Management aims at educating and empowering a new generation of industry leaders equipped to thrive within an increasingly interconnected world. By blending global business acumen with deep regional insights from India and Mauritius, the program seeks to cultivate academic excellence, enhance global learning, and promote intercultural exchange. Through a meticulously designed curriculum, the program endeavors to reconstruct and redefine students’ talent by inculcating essential managerial and leadership skills, ultimately transforming them into inquiry-driven practitioners and practice-attentive researchers.


  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the global tourism, travel, and hospitality industry:Students will gain a thorough understanding of the interconnectedness of tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors, including economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects.
  • To equip students with the core business and management skills necessary for success:Students will be equipped with strong analytical, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills to lead and manage effectively in the industry.
  • To foster a global perspective and cultural sensitivity:Students will develop a deep understanding of diverse cultures and develop the ability to operate effectively in a globalized environment.
  • To cultivate entrepreneurial spirit and innovation:Students will be encouraged to think creatively and develop innovative solutions for contemporary challenges in the industry.
  • To promote sustainable tourism, travel, and hospitality practices:Students will be equipped

with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism, travel and hospitality practices that benefit both local communities and the environment as well as deliver excellent service to the customers.

  • To establish industry connections and networks:Students will be provided opportunities to connect with industry leaders and professionals in India and Mauritius, facilitating career advancement, entrepreneurship development and other related ventures.
  • To prepare students for leadership roles in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry:Students will be well-positioned for leadership roles in various sectors of the industry, including travel agencies, hotel management, event planning and management, destination management organizations, and tourism consultancies, government entities responsible for promoting tourism and culture, among others.
  • To re-construct talent and empower students to embrace a career and create jobs in the global tourism,travel and hospitality



Upon successful completion of the program, students will develop competencies in:

  • Analyzing and interpreting key trends and challenges in the global tourism, travel, and hospitality industry.
  • Developing and implementing strategic business plans for tourism, travel, and hospitality organizations.
  • Effectively managing marketing, financial, and operational aspects of tourism businesses.
  • Demonstrating cultural sensitivity and understanding of diverse customer needs and preferences.
  • Applying innovative solutions to address sustainability challenges in the global tourism
  • Build strong professional networks and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities, including strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.