Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration is a master’s level programme, leading to the grant of a degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA).The Master of Business Administration is a two-year, full time residential programme. The first year coursework is spread over three terms. It comprises core courses that explain the fundamental concepts of management across the different functional areas. The courses in the first year curriculum are mandatory for all the students. The first year coursework is followed by a summer internship. During the summer internship, students are required to work on an industry project with an organization for a period of eight to ten weeks. The summer placement is an integral part of the Master of Business Administration. The Placement Office assists the students in finding suitable summer assignments.

The second year coursework is spread over the next three terms (Term IV to Term VI). The second year students are offered elective courses across different functional areas such as marketing, finance, economics, strategy, decision sciences, analytics, information technology, organizational behaviour, human resources, operations & supply chain etc. The students can opt for elective courses based on their preferences, insofar as they fulfill the minimum credit requirements for the programme. The participants who successfully fulfill all the requirements of the programme are awarded the 'MBA Degree'.