IT and Systems

IT and Systems

Information Technology & Systems

Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity - Jacques Ellul

The rapid metamorphosis of civilization and social order in the past three decades can be attributed to the relentless evolution of Information Technology (IT) and its role spanning across the facets of human life. The importance of the academic area of Information Technology and Systems (IT&S) in business education is undisputable, especially, in the digital era when digital technologies are at the forefront of value creation for society. At IIM Sirmaur, a cohesive, collaborative, and academically accomplished team of faculty members keeps a close eye on the emergent IT landscape and its implications on business and society. The area members are committed to developing their expertise and competence continuously to keep pace with the continuous evolution of Information Technology and allied fields. The area faculty members are continuously engaged in pertinent consultancy and research projects with various organizations.

The area faculty members are actively engaged in research related to data mining, big data analytics, block-chain, IT productivity, IT infrastructure and security, knowledge management, information frameworks, management of software development, agile processes, and strategic application of IT. Research by area members has been published in reputable journals such as Decision Support System, Information and Software Technology, Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Computers and Security, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Benchmarking, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, and others. The members have also received prestigious research funding from the industry.

The collective experience of the IT&S area in industry and academia gives it the competence to offer a wide range of core and elective courses on Information Systems, Strategic IT, Business Intelligence, Programming in Python, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Block-chain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Agile Software Development and others. The academic conversations in the area span from the capability of IT for achieving operational excellence and competitive advantage to the hands-on experience in using relevant tools and technologies. The pedagogical interventions such as student-centric discussion-based classroom sessions held using business case studies, collaborative problem solving, computer-based hands-on-experience, and other teaching-learning tools ensure that learners across the academic (MBA, EMBA, Ph.D.), executive (MDPs), and training programs attain the value they expect from their participation. The area has a strong industry orientation and is geared to hold short-term and long-term programs for the executives.