Prospective Students

The journey at IIM Sirmaur is rewarding, but the rewards can only be reaped by those who strive for excellence. Being a part of the IIM Sirmaur family is not just about getting another degree but it is about a transformation that will enhance your life and your professional experience multifolds. The institute welcomes students who have an attitude towards learning that challenges their predispositions and is open to new ideas. Striking the right balance between your academics and extracurricular is of utmost importance at IIM Sirmaur, as the institute will provide you with myriad opportunities to excel in and beyond academics. Students are expected to realize and fuel the ‘spirit of IIM Sirmaur’, as it is they who would leave a legacy that this institute would cherish for years to come. Diversity is fundamental to the institute’s philosophy of knowledge and learning, and we welcome students from all walks of life, while also expecting them to be responsible and respectful of it.