Student Committees

Alumni Cell

Alumni are the prized possessions of any institute. The Alumni cell at IIM Sirmaur acts as a liaison between the alumni and the institution. It provides a mentorship platform through its "Reminiscence" series, where the students learn from the alumni via live projects, guest lectures, and Industry visits.

The Alumni cell also maintains the "Alumni Portal" where the alumni can share their knowledge, latest developments and accomplishments. This helps students explore the breadth of opportunities to connect with their fellow alumni and with IIM Sirmaur, gaining several advantages such as social and professional networking, continuing education, and career counselling.

The Alumni Cell is further working towards organizing events that will give the institute more benefits, such as Alumni Chapter Meets, Campus Reunions, Business Conclaves, Engagement Competitions for Alumni, etc. With a vision that aims to coalesce the IIM Sirmaur fraternity, the Alumni cell ensures a symbiotic relationship between the alumni base and the Institution.

E&I Cell

The Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell of IIM Sirmaur has dedicated itself to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the students. It serves as a platform for the students to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills and convert their ideas into business realities. With an aim to create an ecosystem for the startups ready to be launched by our student community, it facilitates guest lectures, regular workshops, mentoring from industry experts, and networking with Venture Capitalists to nurture and enrich budding entrepreneurs with all the resources.

The cell sows sustainability seeds at the core of our ecosystem to bring a startup revolution that can bring change in society while reaping the fruits of success along with nation-building. Since its inception, it has become an epicenter of innovating business ideas and converting them into actual working businesses.

The cell has so far, successfully onboarded 12 new start-up ideas and is working rigorously to attain the Atal Incubation Centre status. The E&I cell has also started partnering with a law firm for its smooth functioning.

Infra & IT Committee

The Infrastructure & IT Committee of IIM Sirmaur is primarily responsible for the onboarding, hostel allotment, and resolving the inventory-related issues faced by the students on campus. The committee works with campus clubs and committees, assisting in their efficient operations by providing the necessary infrastructure, allocating designated spaces, and supervising their activity during college events.

Ensuring the maintenance of appropriate behavior on campus in accordance with college rules and regulations is also the responsibility of the Infrastructure and IT Committee. The team is committed to working tirelessly to resolve the daily issues faced by students, such as procurement of inventories, cleaning of hostels, and maintenance of the campus. The Infrastructure Committee aims to provide world-class facilities to everyone on the campus by acting as a bridge between the students and the administration.

Industrial Relations and Sponsorship Committee - IRS

One of the foremost functions of a business school is building relations to propel the organic growth of the Institute by connecting to industries across the country.

The Industrial Relations and Sponsorship Committee (IRS) is committed to establishing and upholding a higher level of relationship standard between IIM Sirmaur and the industries and corporate organisations. The Committee acts as a bridge between the student community and the industries. It brings in live projects from esteemed organisations and subsequently enables the students to put their academic knowledge to the test. It also organises guest lectures and industry visits for the students, allowing them to understand, appreciate and actively pursue industry requirements. Such practices also help industries leverage the high-potential student community to address their problems.

The committee works towards building a strong network with the industries to cater to various needs arising in this VUCA world. Further, the committee channelizes its relationship with the industry to offer them a platform for sponsorships and promotions for various events conducted in the Institute around the year.

Media Cell

The Media Cell at IIM Sirmaur is a student-driven body responsible for creating and nurturing the brand image of the institute amongst external stakeholders. The cell manages the social media presence of the institute on multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels; creates strategic campaigns delivered through creative content representing the institute's pedagogy. The Media Cell handles the branding of IIM Sirmaur by offering end-to-end solutions for the institute's official merchandise.

The Media Cell facilitates communication between prospective students and the administration during admission season by forming the admissions committee with volunteers. They also handle the coverage of the various events organised by other student bodies and the administration.

Naivedyam - Mess Committee

Naivedyam – The Mess Committee serves as a link between students and their homes when it comes to food. It always looks forward to providing the students, faculties and staff members with a diverse and devouring food menu that undergoes monthly updates. During the festive season, it ensures that the students feel at home by providing authentic cultural and festive dishes, including food specific to the fasting season. If seen fit, the committee also entertains special requests and cooking assistance from the students and even lets them cook whenever they can contribute. Furthermore, in order to foster the network building and open communication culture, the Mess Committee also regularly organises outdoor Food Nights.

The Mess Committee takes care of each meal's quality, hygiene and nutritional value. Furthermore, with sustainability at its core, it works towards minimizing the wastage of food. The committee also receives feedback regularly from the students about the food and mess so as to update the operations accordingly. Along with the constant support of the administration in procuring all sorts of infrastructural help to serve the students, the mess committee truly works towards keeping the force of IIM Sirmaur nourished.

Placement Committee

Career building is an integral part of management education. The Corporate Relations & Placement Cell of IIM Sirmaur aims at building successful careers through the institute. In order to achieve its mission, the Placement Committee liaises with the industry and provides students with various opportunities to improve their career prospects. These include live projects, summer internships, guest lectures, final placements, industry visits, and panel discussions Since the committee is completely student-run, it offers its members an excellent opportunity to hone both their hard and soft skills.

Throughout the year, the placement committee is engaged in identifying and onboarding organisations with varied talent requirements and assisting organisations at all stages of the recruitment process. Additionally, the committee plays an important role in developing and maintaining a sustainable and long-term relationship with the corporate world through a plethora of engagement initiatives like summits, corporate competitions, and guest lecture series.

Colloquium, one of our prime guest lecture series, hosts distinguished business leaders, policymakers, and eminent entrepreneurs from firms such as Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, and others. The event presents the students with a great opportunity to engage with thought leaders and visionaries on a rich vein of subjects; varying from complex leadership and strategic business challenges to the social impact of corporations. This helps to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world business problems through experts.

Sankalp - Corporate Social Responsibility Cell

Sankalp, the CSR Cell of IIM Sirmaur, embodies the Institute's spirit of significantly contributing to society by enabling each member of the student body and the IIM Sirmaur family to become a socially responsible and conscious citizen. Sankalp believes in making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged through donation campaigns and organising various national-level CSR events.

Recently, Sankalp partnered with a local Government body to assist the SHG in developing a Sustainable Model of Waste Management and sprang into action against floods in Bihar and Assam. It was also honoured to host two Padma Shri Awardees, Dr Praksh Baba Amte and Dr Janak Palta, to speak about "Wildlife Protection and Village Development" and "Sustainable development." Aside from these events, the cell also hosted a panel discussion on "Plastic Waste Management," a clothing donation drive for adjacent slums, and a mini-marathon called "UDVEG: Run for Unity under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Sankalp aspires to be a force for good in society and a catalyst for change. The community outreach effort aspires to stay true to its slogan, 'Sowing Hope into Lives,' and make IIM Sirmaur an institute that cares, thanks to the dedicated services of IIM Sirmaur students.

Sanskriti – Cultural Committee

Intending to enrich the quality of India's distinctive culture and heritage and enlarge social circles, Sanskriti - the Cultural Committee cherishes diversity by celebrating festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, and Onam. It is also responsible for conducting IIM Sirmaur's flagship inter-college annual cultural fest, Sierra, where students from more than 450 colleges actively contribute and participate. By creating a homely aura on the campus, Sanskriti constantly works towards uplifting the students' spirits. It provides a platform for students to hold social gatherings and relish with each other in their leisure amidst rigorous academics. The committee also frequently engages students in activities like open-air jamming and fun games.

In essence, Sanskriti constantly works to increase awareness about different aspects of diversity inclusion and strives hard to inspire young minds to imbibe the values embedded in it irrespective of the students' diverse backgrounds.

Sports Committee

One shouldn't let success diminish the desire to be a winner. There's always room for improvement in every sportsperson. The lessons learned in the field help in developing leaders of tomorrow. The Sports Committee of IIM Sirmaur is devoted to providing top-notch sports facilities to relax after the hectic academic curriculum and help the students remain mentally and physically fit.

The Sports Committee organises various intra and inter-college sports events, from IPL auctions to the annual cricketing extravaganza Sirmaur Premier League, to name a few. The committee recently inaugurated two practice pitches and added them to the already extensive sports Catalogue of a Football Ground, Badminton Court, Volleyball Court, Gym, and other indoor sports facilities such as Table Tennis, Foosball, Snooker, and Pool Table.

The Sports Committee is dedicated to further building the sports infrastructure at IIM Sirmaur and promoting a healthy competitive sporting spirit among all the students.

Student Academic Committee - SAC

The Student Academic Committee (SAC) of IIM Sirmaur acts as an aide to the PGP office. The SAC assists in administrative activities by maintaining student attendance records, handling feedback and grievances regarding academics, and processing documents like student I.D. cards. The SAC also helps in academic activities by reviewing and modifying the course to provide students with industry-relevant coursework and facilitates the smooth conduction of exams. The SAC looks after the timely distribution of course material and constantly collects feedback about the institute's faculty and coursework. The SAC also mentors CRS to ensure maximum class participation and smooth operations of day-to-day class activities. It also keeps a check on students to maintain the utmost professionalism in and out of class.

Student Council

IIM Sirmaur provides students an opportunity to govern themselves through the Student Council. The Student Council of IIM Sirmaur comprises six elected representatives - the President, the Treasurer, the Infrastructure Secretary, the Sports Secretary, the Mess Secretary, and the Cultural Secretary. In addition to serving as the students and the administration, the body takes an active role in providing constructive feedback on the various systems and processes at IIM Sirmaur. The council also promotes various academic and non-academic activities that enrich student life at IIM Sirmaur.

T&D Cell

The Himalayan IIM not only gives students a wide range of career options, but it also guarantees total rigour in their professional growth from the very first day of their tenure at the Institute. This is where the training and development cell comes into the picture as the cell ensures smooth transition of the student's college to corporate journey by working with each student to make sure they take advantage of every opportunity available to them.

The cell has committed itself to enhancing the personalities and competencies of the students in preparation for upcoming career opportunities. Its responsibilities include training the students each year to prepare them for Summer Internships and Final Placements. To accomplish this, the cell conducts various activities like CV vetting, mock interviews, mock group discussions, company-specific sessions, guest lectures, guidance on specific recruitment processes, and many more, which boost the confidence of the students and take their capability up a notch.

The cell regularly conducts offline workshops, focusing on the interpersonal grooming of the students and comprising activities such as mock group discussions and interviews. These sessions are led by certified corporate trainers and industry mentors from renowned firms such as Accenture, DLF, and Ericsson, amongst others.

In essence, the Training and Development cell bridges the gap between organisational skills and students' employability, bringing them closer to their dream job.

T&D Cell (MBA Tourism)

The Training and Development Cell (MBA Tourism) is responsible for mentoring, guiding, and conducting various training and development activities for the batch to ensure that all students have acquired the necessary competencies to excel in their roles. They also indulge in CV vetting, conducting mock GDs and interviews for the batch to help them better understand the same. In essence, the cell bridges the gap between organisational skills and students' employability, bringing them closer to their dream job.


The team of TEDx IIM Sirmaur forms the driving force behind organizing one of the biggest annual events at IIM Sirmaur - TEDx. TEDx is an independently organized event that brings people together to cherish ideas that the world deserves to hear. The team unleashes its creative juices to organise an event that ignites the flame of awe and inspiration in the minds of future leaders.

MBA Tourism - Placement Committee

The Corporate Relations & Placement Cell (MBA Tourism) is an integral cog that drives the wheels of any management institution. They are responsible for coordinating and streamlining all placement-related activities. The Cell drives all recruitment processes that take place within the premises of the institute for the MBA Tourism batch.

The cell plays an important role in developing and maintaining a sustainable and long-term relationship with the corporate world through a plethora of engagement initiatives like summits, corporate competitions, and guest lecture series.

They work around the clock to secure opportunities for corporate learning and maintain a cordial relationship with the industry to secure opportunities for their peers.