Students Testimonials

Student Testimonials| Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur (IIM Sirmaur)

Vineeth Menon

"Pursuing an MBA is a big decision and I'm glad that I landed up at IIM Sirmaur for my MBA. The batch of 2020-2022 across the world must have started with their degrees online and there were a lot of speculations around how the year is going to be for those pursuing a degree. Fortunately, the staff and administration at IIM Sirmaur have been great, our professors amazingly helpful, and I’ve enjoyed working with my batch on projects and other course-related tasks. Even though we started off with a non-traditional classroom setting, the course is laid out in such a way that I am able to apply my learned knowledge to real-life situations. We are also having a tremendous placement season, driven by the Corporate Relations & Placement Committee, IIM Sirmaur. I am proud to be part of an institute that puts student experience and their career aspirations above everything."

Srinivaasan Iyer

Anything which develops a person either personally or professionally requires something beyond the usual knowledge which people get from any educational institution during their student life. IIM Sirmaur stands as an example for this where it not only provides the knowledge, exposure, facility, and all the other facilities required but also an extremely soothing environment which acted the major part of the Sirmaurian’s Himalayan Journey. Whatever may be a person’s expertise with any particular subject or academics on the whole, the practical experiences and the people whom we interact and spend our time with are the ones which are more important in grooming a person to be industry ready which happened in IIM Sirmaur to the people who were able to interact and work along with each other. Nevertheless, the whole MBA journey has been transformative in various aspects of an individual which is particularly necessary for a broader perspective, being a person who belongs to the very first batch of MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management, the challenges kept on multiply day by day that in turn resulted in the learning curve to move steeper. On the whole, the students can get into the corporate world during the time of a global crisis, also survive and excel from the obstacles which come our way which was solely possible due to a meaningful journey that had everything in it.

Arkaprabha Ghosh

IIM Sirmaur instills a feeling of pride in my mind and soul. The most memorable moments were the sleepless nights while doing tasks during student body selection, academics, and participating in different competitions. These things helped me bond with people, and I will cherish this bond forever. Being part of different student bodies helped me learn about organizing events, team management, and other basics of management that the books can't teach. But the time spent on the campus is worth remembering. Being the Sports secretary, I handled multiple stakeholders. I got hands-on experience in different domains such as social media marketing, drafting the budget, approvals from admin, quotations, procurement, etc. Such opportunities were presented to me by IIM Sirmaur and I would be forever grateful for them. Even in the time of the Pandemic, I never felt my education was compromised. The infrastructure was scaled up to accommodate the needs of the students and the demands of the situation. Such was the flexibility and the support of faculty and administration. MBA was my ambition and it has been my privilege to be a part of the IIM Sirmaur fraternity.

Akash Jain

I am not really sure from where do I start about my experience at IIM Sirmaur. Joining IIM Sirmaur was like an inflexion point in my life. The two years that I spend at IIM Sirmaur has been pivotal in shaping my personality. Being around one of the finest minds in the form of peers and faculties resulted in an immense learning opportunity for me. It was not just a great learning opportunity but also I made great memories and some great friends... From sports to being part of various student bodies there is a lot of opportunity for one to explore and enhance one's personality. It's been a hell of a ride but the ride that I will like to go on once again…

Naveen Gundu

The MBA program at IIM Sirmaur provided me with a multifaceted experience, both inside and outside the classroom. It gave me the opportunity to learn from the best faculties across top B-schools of India and a diversified peer group coming from every walk of life. It truly is a student-driven campus with a lot of importance given to student bodies and supporting them wherever necessary. Located in the laps of the Himalayas students get to connect and immerse themselves completely with nature, changing the perspective they had towards life while walking into campus thus growing holistically. The two years I spent in my Himalayan home have transformed me into a confident and empathetic leader. I feel privileged to be part of IIM Sirmaur's growth story and extremely confident in its potential to contribute significantly to the management world.