Management Development Programmes (MDPs)

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IIM Sirmaur offers highly acclaimed Management Development Programs (MDPs) that focus on a range of key business fundamentals such as Managerial Effectiveness, Team Building, Sales & Marketing skills, Strategic thinking, Financial Management as well as emerging issues such as Blockchain, Drone Technology, Creativity & Innovation, and Leadership. These MDPs are open-enrollment courses and are available to all practicing and experienced managers and executives.

The pedagogy of these MDPs includes a diverse range of teaching methods, including case studies, simulations, role plays, closed group analyses, and applied learning projects, complemented by lecture sessions on both theoretical and practical aspects. The sessions are highly interactive, and participants are encouraged to question assumptions, identify opportunities, solve complex problems, enhance operational performance, boost productivity, and in turn, build sustainable competitive advantage. The knowledge and insights gained from these MDPs have immediate practical applications to address high-priority management challenges, resulting in a rapid and lasting return on investment for both participants and sponsoring organizations.

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Customized Training Programmes

At IIM Sirmaur, we provide customized programs that cater to the specific learning and training requirements of organizations. These bespoke programs are designed in collaboration with our clients and can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and venue. The programs can be tailored to specific domains, such as Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, and Leadership, or can include an optimal blend of multiple functional areas.

We have collaborated with several leading organizations, ranging from multinational corporations and corporate houses to public sector enterprises, to create cutting-edge training modules that help them stay competitive in a constantly evolving global marketplace.