Student Clubs


Atithya, the Tourism club, focuses on enhancing students' competencies to pursue a career in the tourism industry by conducting various inter-college activities, guest lectures, business simulations, quizzes, and debates. At its core, Athitha believes in providing more realistic projects and opportunities to give students essential exposure to advancements and breakthroughs in this field.

The club focuses on advancing tourism studies, fostering social and cultural growth, developing leadership qualities, career mentoring, enhancing soft skills, networking, and professional advancement in this field. The club has brought numerous live projects from eminent firms such as MakeMyTrip and many more.

Athithya aims to establish solid industrial bases through partnerships with various institutions and organizations, both national and international, operating in the same area.

Capital 51

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – By Peter Lynch

Capital 51 is the Trading and Investment club at IIM Sirmaur. Stock market plays a pivotal role in the growth of an economy. This is a major reason it is so closely monitored by governments, central banks, companies, and even the general public. The increasing importance of this section of finance has intrigued us a lot. Hence, the club is solely dedicated to capital market operations, where we discuss various events and techniques. We conduct informative sessions, quizzes, expert talks, and virtual trading and portfolio management competitions to introduce the lIM Sirmaur students to the basics of the capital market, foster a community of traders and investors, and build a precious network of great minds.



Consulere, the Consulting Club which acts as an umbrella club for various business domains such as marketing, operations, HR, and finance aims to create a learning environment for students to deal with strategic and consulting issues, and provides them with opportunities that would help make impactful contributions to business organizations.


To promote interest among the students for the consulting industry and facilitate the development of consulting career opportunities by providing IIM Sirmaur students with year-round education, mentorship and relationship building events with classmates, the alumni, consulting firms and relevant others.

Drawing upon the strengths of all the students equipped with diverse skills, varied professional experience and backed by the knowledge endowed by the highly qualified faculties of IIM Sirmaur, Consulere aims to create and sustain a strong relationship with the corporate world by solving real life problems from the ever evolving industry.

Value Proposition:

Consulere provides resources, facilities and mentorships to help IIM Sirmaur student fraternity prepare for acing the consulting interviews and secure jobs in the consulting industry.


The word "Darpan" originates from Hindi and translates to "mirror" in English. The literary club of IIM Sirmaur, Darpan, encourages the students to explore their multiple personas in addition to their usual academics, much like mirrors allow you to see your reflection with different personalities.

The club aims to encourage a love of words and creativity among the students, along with a sense of literary appreciation for all languages. The club provides a platform to foster literary creativity and give them a platform for self-expression through their social media events. The club's vision is to promote intellectual stimulation and instill a passion for lifelong learning in students. The club hosts regular book meetings, book exchange activities, spoken tales, and poetry recitations. The club also organises various competitions like creative writing, extempore, debates, quizzes etc.


Datonics seeks to promote the students of IIM Sirmaur to better understand the field of IT and Analytics. As data is considered the 'oil of the 21st century, the club endeavours to decipher the digital world and get actionable insights to leverage business models utilising that very 'oil of the 21st century. Throughout the year, it conducts various activities to promote the Domain culture. Datonics is responsible for organising analytics certification programmes such as business analytics and data visualisation that enable students to be industry fit in today's data-driven world. It also conducts workshops, quizzes, and various intra- and inter-collegiate events to give students a hands-on learning experience.

The club also provides academic support to students by partnering with companies to conduct real-time analytics case competitions and host guest lectures by industry experts.


Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat (EBSB) has been one of the major programmes of the Government of India that intends to upgrade cooperation and advance understanding between individuals of various states/UTs through state/UT matching. The states carry out activities to empower an organized cultural connection in language learning culture, customs and music, the travel industry and cuisines, sports and sharing of best practices, and so on.

The EBSB club of IIM Sirmaur has conducted several cultural activities, and events focused on bringing the states of Himachal Pradesh and Kerala closer together to make people aware of the rich heritage and ethos that these two states boast of. Some of the events that the club has conducted so far are Mystify – a pan-India quiz, documentaries featuring our cultural heritage, artistic Bharatanatyam performances, and the celebration of the festival Onam which witnessed numerous regional games and rituals Through its events, the club imbibes knowledge regarding India's rich heritage in an immersive manner.


FinServe is a club of passionate individuals eager to pursue careers in the domain of Finance. It aims to stay current with financial trends and concentrate on research in topics including but not limited to financial markets, financial instruments, mergers and acquisitions, financial engineering, cryptocurrencies, etc.

The main objective is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical learning. The club also aims to give a platform to the students to bring out their best and improvise upon their concepts with a better practical understanding.

FinServe strives to equip students with the skills and know-how to advance in the field of Finance and furnishes relevant and in-demand workshops, certification courses, and live projects for the students.

The club passionately and enthusiastically plans and conducts various inter-college and intra-college events throughout the year for the students of IIM Sirmaur and beyond. The annual flagship event, Apple-o-nomics, attracts students from top B-Schools across the world.


“At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” — Lawrence Bossidy

The HR Club of IIM Sirmaur caters to those having a keen interest in the domain of HR. The club provides budding managers with the learning required to utilise one of the most critical resources of any organisation - Human Resources.

The activities are aimed at bringing IIM Sirmaur to the forefront of Human Resource Management and bridging the gap between corporate and academia. It organises various inter and intra-college events such as innovative case study competitions, quiz competitions, and various simulations, which help the students get involved and gain awareness about the new HR practices being followed in the industry.


Markaizen, the marketing club of IIM Sirmaur is highly creative and innovation-driven. It aims to ignite a deep interest in the field of marketing amongst enthusiasts. The club organizes a wide range of events, such as guest lectures, conclaves, quizzes, simulation games, and online competitions. These events provide students with a platform to put theoretical concepts to the test and get exposed to new ideas and fresh insights into the marketing world.

Through its events spread across the year, Markaizen aims to deliver practical applications of marketing with a fun element attached to them. By fostering creativity and encouraging uncliched solutions to marketing concerned bulwarks, Markaizen brings out the original and strategic sides of all student participants. Adding to this, in the spirit of encouraging knowledge building, Markaizen recently started 'Marketing Mandli', an initiative to promote open discussions, on recent marketing trends, amongst the students.

ProdMan Club

“Good companies manage Engineering. Great companies manage Product.” – Thomas Schranz

If there exists an exhilarating desire to devise and concoct something for this world and think that some crises and demands occur that can be solved and fulfilled by some outlandish ideas, then welcome to ProdMan, the Product Management Club of IIM Sirmaur. The club would ensure that you harbour the appropriate materials and guidance to begin your expedition in the field of product management. The club aspires to enhance the capabilities of interested students through various competitions, workshops, guest lectures by industrial experts, and a variety of different live projects. The club has the vision of bringing the product aficionados of IIM Sirmaur to the peak of their skillset and seize the ultimate career opportunities in this domain.


The aim of a Quizzing Club is to provide students with useful insight into the non-academic aspects of the business so that they can shape their careers in such a way that they are informed about current events around the world. Quizzar organises its flagship event – The King of Clubs, Cells, and Committees – to promote team building and collectivism around the institute.

Besides this, Quizzar also conducts inter-college events like Controquiz KnAwQs for Brilliant Managerial minds across the nation to test their acumen across various management fields and to evaluate where they stand across their counterparts. Quizzar also takes care of the fun side of things by conducting events such as "The Freshers and the Farewell Quiz," "Seriesaholic,” and many more.


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton

RangManch is the art club of IIM Sirmaur. It started with the idea of providing a healthy deviation from the rigorous routine of academics at IIM Sirmaur. The club believes that each of us has a creative side to his/her personality, and all we need is a conduit for our vigorous energies. It encourages students to engage in cultural activities exhibiting their talents.

Apart from delivering exquisite performances throughout the year on various occasions, the club also organized events such as Dandiya Night, Bontakshari, etc. It has a strong YouTube presence with a wide variety of videos; some are already published, and some are in the pipeline because “Creativity is not the way we think; it is the way we like to live”.


Sapient is the consulting and strategy club at IIM Sirmaur. The club acts as an umbrella for various business domains such as marketing, operations, H.R., and finance. It aims to foster a learning environment for students to deal with strategic and consulting issues and provide them with opportunities to develop impactful contributions to corporate organisations. The club aspires to deliver strategic solutions to clients that align with current industry standards and contemporary educational trends.

Their vision and mission are to nurture students to inculcate expertise in strategic management, team building, event management, and creativity. Sapient also offers year-round education, training for summer and final placements, mentorship, and relationship-building activities with classmates, alums, and consulting firms.

Sapient aims to promote student interest in the consulting business and makes efforts to raise strategic insight among the students by conducting multiple inter-college and intra-college workshops, knowledge sessions, article writing, case study competitions, guesstimates, quizzes, national-level case contests, and business conclaves in collaboration with the connoisseurs of the corporate world.


Scope focuses primarily on equipping the students with the fundamental skills demanded by the manufacturing and the service industry in Operations and Supply Chain Management. The club believes in enhancing knowledge and adding value to classroom learning through frequent meetups among students to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer learning, guest lectures by prominent industry leaders having years of expertise in the field, and conducting workshops, masterclasses, and industrial visits. The club has planned industrial visits to Mankind pharma, Biological E Pharma, and Carlsberg India Pvt Ltd to enhance the understanding of manufacturing processes amongst the students and develop an interest in the field through practical exposure and learning.

The club also conducts various competitions like quizzes, simulations, and case studies for students belonging to IIM Sirmaur and other B-Schools across the country to provide students with a platform to gauge and test their knowledge of the domain among the best and brilliant minds of our country. At the same time, it facilitates certifications like Grant Thorton's Six Sigma green belt, KPMG Project Management Training, and courses offered by ISCEA to help students, especially those inclined towards operations and who wish to develop excellent overall profiles.


Vibgyor, the photography club, is a group of like-minded members who love to express their energy and passion through photography. The main aim is to offer a platform on which individuals can promote their work and express themselves to a broader audience and help individuals understand the intricacies of photography without overlooking other management learning aspects. The club aspires to feed an inherent sense of feeling about photography within people and provide them with a perspective to view the life around them. In recent years, the work produced by Vibgyor has attracted a lot of views and buzz in the mainstream, touching upon nuances of daily happenings on a creative front. The club aspires to amplify its achievement by maintaining the continuum and keeping its offering and exclusivity open. Overall, creating an ecosystem for the genial individuals to discover, develop and deploy and express their creativity in the genus of photography.