Guide to final placements

Welcome to Placements at IIM Sirmaur!

The recruitment journey at IIM Sirmaur begins with a conversation with our placement coordinators and the Placement Chairperson. We then roll out an official invitation to your organization to come and participate in our placement process.

The second step of the process involves a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT). The PPT serves as a platform for you to have first-hand experience of our young and energetic batch and inform them of the roles, packages and other critical details. To aid in seamless coordination and to ensure a win-win situation for both parties, we kindly request your organization to outline your process requirements, including the number of selection rounds, panel members, and any process-specific requirements, at least three days prior to the placement process. This proactive approach allows us to meticulously prepare for your organization’s specific needs, thereby fostering an effective and efficient selection process.

After this, you may specify your shortlisting criteria and move to the selection phase. To ensure that you get the right fit for your organization, our placement coordinators will help you operationalise the process you would like to adhere to.

Last, and perhaps the best, we move to the offer roll out phase. Please note that for an offer to be valid, it should include details of role, location, remuneration, and other relevant terms and conditions required by the candidate to make a decision. The offer is communicated by the company to the Placement office and Placement chairperson, which in turn communicates it to the selected student. The acceptance of an offer is governed by placement rules of the MBA Programme which are framed at the beginning of the academic year.

We have spared no effort in ensuring that your placement experience at IIM Sirmaur is rich, rewarding and more streamlined than ever before.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. We eagerly anticipate your participation in our Placement Process and are confident that you will find the perfect candidate to enhance your team. The future starts here.

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⦁    Sankey plot describing the batch (2022-2024)

⦁    Batch group photograph