IIM Sirmaur enters a partnership with the International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA)

December 26, 2023

The Indian Institute of Management (IIMS) is proud to announce its new partanership with the

International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA), a distinguished charitable tourism association based in the United Kingdom. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as IIM Sirmaur takes strides as an institute of excellence and expertise in the area of Tourism. ITSA holds a unique place among the international associations of tourism scholars and practitioners.

It is the only formal tourism association that has the mission to encourage interaction and cooperation between members in developing and developed countries. ITSA has representations in Canada, the USA, Caribbean regions, South America, UK and Ireland, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, China, East Africa, South Africa, Indonesia, Australasia/Oceania, and now India. 

The official journal of the  ITSA, the International Journal of Tourism Cities (IJTC) was incepted in 2015, has Q1 ranking on Scopus and the journal’s citations and downloads continue to grow healthily year on year with 65,593 downloads so far in 2023 and 1,247 citations this year. This new partnership with ITSA has placed the institute in the global tourism education landscape. This collaboration with a dynamic network of 1,000+ members across 65+ countries provides an enriching engagement between the international academic community. Being a member of the International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) offers advantages that set it apart from other academic or professional associations in the field of tourism studies in India. As IIMS establishes itself as a leading institution in Tourism Management, collaboration with ITSA will provide it opportunities such as joint teaching, exchange programs, and research opportunities. The association also offers exclusive access to cutting-edge research, resources, and industry trends, enriching members’ knowledge and enhancing their careers. Students will have the opportunity to learn from international faculty and get exposure to different learning environments. ITSA provides a platform for dialogue, exchange, and cooperation among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from different countries and regions, fostering innovation and excellence in tourism research and practice