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Complaint Page For Caste Based Discrimination

Committee For Prevention Of Caste Based Discrimination

Sr. No. Name Chairperson/ Members E-mail ID Phone
1. Dr. Vikas Kumar Convener vikas[dot]kumar[at]iimsirmaur[dot]ac[dot]in 1704-277304
2. Dr. Pradipta Patra Member pradipta[dot]patra[at]iimsirmaur[dot]ac[dot]in 1704-277305
3. Dr. Rinki Dahiya Member rinki[dot]dahiya[at]iimsirmaur[dot]ac[dot]in 1704-277324
4. Ms. Gurmeet Kaur Member gurmeet[dot]kaur[at]iimsirmaur[dot]ac[dot]in 1704-277318
5. Shri Deepak Singh Member Secretary deepak[dot]singh[at]iimsirmaur[dot]ac[dot]in 1704-277319

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