Dr. M. Pachayappan

Assistant Professor, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Dr. M. Pachayappan
Dr. M. Pachayappan
Assistant Professor
Operations and Supply Chain Management

MBA, Ph.D. (Pondicherry University)



Murugaiyan Pachayappan is an Assistant Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur.

His research focuses on Hyperlocal Market Drone Delivery Systems and developing a mathematical model and complex vehicle routing algorithm, with a practical focus on commercial UAV (Drone) package deliveries. His research has been published in Transportation Research Record, Management Research Review, and Journal of Modeling in Management. Prior to joining IIMS, Pachayappan received his MBA and Ph.D. in management from Pondicherry University, where he was advised by Prof. R. Panneerselvam.

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  • Pachayappan, M. (2022). Multiple Drone Routing Problem for On-Demand Hyperlocal Market. Transportation Research Record, 03611981221103872. https://doi.org/10.1177/03611981221103872
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  • Pachayappan, M. 2019. “Single-Machine Tolerance Scheduling problem in the perspective of Industry 4.0”. 52nd Annual Convention of Operations Research Society of India & International Conference. IIM Ahmedabad, India
  • Murugaiyan Pachayappan & Balan Sundarakani (2022): Drone delivery logistics model for on-demand hyperlocal market, International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, https://doi.org/10.1080/13675567.2022.2107189

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