Dr. Rinki Dahiya

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Dr. Rinki Dahiya

Navigating Organizational Landscapes: 
Odyssey Through Human Behaviour and Transformation

Dr. Rinki Dahiya is a seeker of insights into the captivating domains of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. She joined as an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur in January 2020 and her journey into the realm of academia and research has been an exciting exploration of the intricacies of human behaviour and its impact on organizations.

Unravelling the Human Tapestry

An unquenchable thirst for comprehending and nurturing positive workplace dynamics drew Dr. Rinki toward academia to pursue a Ph.D. in Management from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. She embarked on a thrilling quest into the intricate world of workplace forgiveness, driven by a profound curiosity within organizational settings. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to her field, she unravelled the threads of organizational trust, forgiveness, and employee happiness, illuminating the multifaceted aspects of human behaviour within the workplace. Through her research, Dr. Rinki has provided valuable insights into how these elements interplay to create a positive workplace environment. Her findings have not only enriched academic discourse but also offered practical implications for organizations seeking to cultivate healthier, more productive, and harmonious workspaces. 

The Classroom's Whirlwind

Within the classroom realm, she passionately fosters the art of critical thinking and equips the next generation of leaders with the essential tools to navigate the intricacies and challenges of the modern business landscape. As an educator, she brings to life the courses that form the core of her expertise. Organizational Behaviour, Negotiation Management, Positive Organizational Scholarship, and Strategic Human Resource Management are her main compass points in guiding students toward a deeper understanding of these vital disciplines. 

Words to Research Scholars

“In reference to my own academic initiation, I have a very simple message to the research scholars that the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth is, in itself, a rewarding journey”, says Dr. Rinki. She underscores the significance of the research conducted in organizational dynamics and positive psychology, she opines that “These endeavours have the potential to reshape the understanding of how individuals and organizations interact”. Dr. Rinki highlights that “Such research endeavours possess transformative power which can lead to more productive, harmonious, and fulfilling workplaces, ultimately benefiting society as a whole”. Further, she encourages research scholars to embrace challenges as opportunities and to persevere in their unwavering quest for knowledge, recognizing the immense potential for positive impact in their chosen fields.

Words for MBA Students- Embark on a Transformative Journey

Dr. Rinki underscored that the MBA experience is not solely about the acquisition of knowledge; it represents a profound voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. According to her, this educational pursuit is about honing leadership skills, expanding networks, and gaining profound insights into the intricate workings of the business world. She emphasized that this path leads to a world brimming with boundless opportunities and formidable challenges, which will test their intellect, resilience, and adaptability like never before. Stay curious, ask questions, and never stop learning. Follow work with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to organizations and society, and the life of dynamic business leaders begins here. She wishes for an enriching and fulfilling MBA experience at IIM Sirmaur.

Dr. Rinki Dahiya
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