Dr. Urvashi Rathod

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Dr. Urvashi Rathod

Dr. Urvashi joined the institute in 2022 as Professor of Information technology and Systems. As a keen and curious learner, she is delighted to be part of the changes in the world from the second half of the previous century to this year. “With a background in Physics, working as a programmer for commercial software development, an entrepreneur, and subsequently an academician & a researcher, the journey of my life has been on a roller coaster hanging from an invisible rope for the entertainment of everyone including me! In all the roles, a common thread of conscious commitment kept me deeply engaged in the work and gave me an unfathomable sense of fulfilment and contentment”, says Dr. Urvashi. Information technology and systems, the process of their development, and their impact on businesses and society kept her occupied for the past three decades and she is happily hooked to these even now as a young inquisitive mind wondering what the limitlessness could be.

Continuous Innovation

“You may call it the knowledge economy, innovation economy, or digital economy, but the global economy today is a derivative of the continuous evolution of Information Technology (IT). The volatility, dynamism, complexity, and agility in business environments can undoubtedly be attributed to the two components of IT, the hardware, which is enriched by the continuous invention and discoveries in allied areas, and the software, which is intangible, not bound by physical laws and so, is limitless and powerful as our thoughts, ideas and imagination”, says Dr. Urvashi. She feels that the ongoing evolution of IT in the form of digital transformation is irresistible and irreversible for businesses across the globe. “These are turbulent times and no one is going to remain untouched by the continuous changes happening in markets irrespective of the sectors and industries”, says Dr. Urvashi.

Conquering challenges

It is well known that the competition is now shifting to that with a hybrid of humans and intelligent machines and heading to be with superintelligence in a few decades. “We need to develop the ability to learn, unlearn, connect the dots correctly, bounce back after each failure, articulate the learning succinctly, and take effective decisions and actions at the right time. Learners need to be more proactive, resourceful, meticulous, expeditious, and endeavouring to keep pace with the changes.”, says Dr. Urvashi. Her teaching philosophy is driven by the exchange of knowledge and ideas, deeper deliberations and discussions, and a collective effort to overcome the complexity of the environment. She focuses more on the learnability of the participants which according to her is the silver bullet to conquer the complexity of this era and which cannot be developed in isolation. She motivates participants to take up intellectual challenges in groups and work collectively to handle the difficulty, putting best effort and learning inevitably. “No one is alone in this journey and together, we can deal with any difficulty. With all its difficulties, the world is a wonderful place to develop, test, and grow our potential, a gift to life!”,
says Dr. Urvashi.

Dr. Urvashi Rathod
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