Student Testimonials

“This place is exotic !! You wake up to the chirp of a myriad variety of birds with pleasant zephyr blowing across your face. The very next moment you gape at the panoramic view of mountains and marvel at the wonder that nature conjured up. The lush green cover of the valley emits waves of tranquility thus consecrating the entire landscape. The surreal experience is far from getting over as you find river Yamuna, still in an unpolluted state, meandering through the valley. Don't get me mistaken. You are not vacationing in a resort but this beautiful setting creates the ideal ecosystem for immersing yourself in studies.You study the most suave theories and practices of business right in the lap of nature. The academic rigour is as exacting as it can get in any IIM across the country. Businesses, obviously have to be run for profits but reason must not take over passion, brain must not dominate the heart. The gigantic mountains, the chirp and the greenery remind you just of that.”

“IIM Sirmaur is filled with energetic, vibrant and exciting students. Our willingness to be the “very best” is more than our willingness to succeed in life. It gives us the energy to endure “lifetime of a challenge” at this magnificent campus. We were welcomed by the faculties, seniors as well as drizzles and the mountains when we reached at our fairly new campus. Upon reaching Paonta Sahib, I was thrilled by the atmosphere. The curvy mountains touched our campus on the bank of Yamuna. It gives us the opportunity to see rainbows every now and then. The courses followed here are as rigorous as compare to IIM Lucknow. The reason is quite simple yet meaningful. It takes proud in not only adopting new IIM’s but its main joy comes from nurturing and nourishing us. So now, we maybe one step behind students from IIM Lucknow. But I am reasonably confident that at the end of two years some of us will give tough confident to many good students there. My experience here is both tough and enthralling as it pushes me to reach my true potential. It has also allowed me to understand the differences between a manager and a worker. We are learning something about the management in the every task we perform here. But the best learning that I have got so far is “We can only learn limited in the classroom. The real knowledge lies in the outside world where we interact with our team and learn from them”. It’s the true learning in the sense that we will never forget about it.”