Quizzar- The Quizzing Club

“The purpose of the quiz is not to shame or embarrass anyone, but to make sure everyone is on the same page.”- Mark Goulston

Quizzar aims to enhance the general awareness of the students and also encourage them to think beyond their regular academic curricula. Quizzar conducts activities such as dumb charades, interactive and general quizzes, crosswords etc. in new and innovative ways that make them interesting and relevant for the business school students.


AREA 51 - The Trading & Investment Club

Stock market plays a pivotal role in the growth of an economy. This is a major reason why it is so closely monitored by governments, central banks, companies and even the general public.The increasing importance of this section of finance has intrigued us a lot. Hence, the club 'AREA 51' of IIM Sirmaur is solely dedicated towards capital market operations where we discuss various events and techniques. We conduct informative sessions, quizzes, expert talks and virtual trading and portfolio management competitions.


FinServe – The Finance Club

FinServe aims to enhance the financial quotient of the students by conducting various inter-college activities like interactive sessions, guest lectures, financial quizzes, debates and events in collaboration with corporates. The activities provide a platform to the students to interact with each other and gain perspective on recent development and innovations in the area of finance.


Spin Masters

Strategy, a core competency in any business, is a way of defining & getting things done, taking into account not just the existing barriers and resource constraints, but also the vision, mission, and objective of the firm to achieve its goals.

Spin Masters-The Strategy Club of IIM Sirmaur is a student-driven initiative that caters to the gaps between the industry and the aspiring managers. It provides them with a platform to understand various aspects of strategy and implement them through case studies, business simulations and industry interactions simultaneously. The club seeks to enhance not only subject knowledge & practical applications but also to develop expertise in team building, event management, creativity & marketing.



The Photography Club of IIM Sirmaur is a group of like-minded members who express their love and passion for photography. The aim is to offer a platform on which interested students can promote their work to a wider audience and help people understand the intricacies of photography without bokeh-ing other aspects of management learnings. The club wants to create a buzz about photography and focus on the lively moments of the fast-paced life through different lenses.



Horizon, the HR club of IIM Sirmaur provides learning to the budding managers to utilize one of the most important resources of an organisation i.e. Human Resource. The activities are solely aimed at bringing IIM Sirmaur at the forefront in the field of Human Resource Management and building a bridge between corporate and academia. 

It organizes various inter and intra-college HR events such as case study competitions, monthly quiz competitions, and various HR simulation competitions, which help the students to get involved and gain awareness about the new HR practices being followed throughout.



Markaizen aims to ignite a deep interest in the field of marketing, for enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. It conducts events covering the spectrum of marketing topics, providing a platform to put theoretical concepts to test. This year Markaizen expanded its reach to the national level, organizing MarkaWars, the national level marketing event attracting participants from various IIMs and other top B-schools. The club also conducts various events such as guest lectures, quizzes, simulation games, and online competitions. Through its events spread across the year, Markaizen aims to deliver practical applications of marketing with a fun element attached to them. The face of marketing for IIM Sirmaur, Markaizen’s members are always brimming with new ideas to bring out the creative and strategic sides of all student participants.



Scope focuses primarily on equipping the students with the fundamental skills demanded by the manufacturing as well as the service industry, in the fields of Operations and Supply Chain Management. The club is committed to enhancing the knowledge and adding value to the classroom learnings through guest lectures by industry leaders and industrial visits. Scope conducts various competitions like quizzes, simulations, and case studies for students of both IIM Sirmaur as well as other B-Schools across the country. At the same time, it facilitates certifications like KPMG’s Six Sigma and courses offered by ISCEA, to help students, especially those operations-inclined, develop excellent overall profiles.



Datonics is a student initiative focused on providing industry relevant knowledge pertaining to IT & Data Analytics to the students. The club conducts informative workshops, quizzes and Analytics Certification programme centred on new developments and innovations happening in today’s data driven world. The club is also developing an online Software Repository containing essential software required for general and academic uses.



RangManch is the art club of IIM Sirmaur. It started with the idea of providing a healthy deviation from the rigorous routine of academics at IIM Sirmaur. The club believes that each one of us has a creative side to his/her personality and all we need is a conduit for our vigorous energies. It encourages students to engage in cultural activities exhibiting their talents.

Apart from delivering exquisite performances throughout the year on various occasions, the club also organized events such as Dandiya Night, Bontakshari, etc.  It has a strong YouTube presence with a wide variety to videos; some already published and some in the pipeline because “Creativity is not the way we think, it is the way we like to live”.




Consulere, the Consulting Club which acts as an umbrella club for various business domains such as marketing, operations, HR, and finance aims to create a learning environment for students to deal with strategic and consulting issues, and provides them with opportunities that would help make impactful contributions to business organizations.


To promote interest among the students for the consulting industry and facilitate the development of consulting career opportunities by providing IIM Sirmaur students with year-round education, mentorship and relationship building events with classmates, the alumni, consulting firms and relevant others.

Drawing upon the strengths of all the students equipped with diverse skills, varied professional experience and backed by the knowledge endowed by the highly qualified faculties of IIM Sirmaur, Consulere aims to create and sustain a strong relationship with the corporate world by solving real life problems from the ever evolving industry.

Value Proposition:

Consulere provides resources, facilities and mentorships to help IIM Sirmaur student fraternity prepare for acing the consulting interviews and secure jobs in the consulting industry.

“Good companies manage Engineering. Great companies manage Product.”
– Thomas Schranz
If you wish to design and create something for this world and think that some problems and demands can be solved and met by your ideas, then welcome to ProdMan, the Product Management Club of IIM Sirmaur. The club would ensure that you have the suitable materials and guidance to begin your journey in product management. The club aims at enhancing the capabilities of interested students through competitions, workshops, guest lectures, and live projects. 
The club has the vision of bringing the product enthusiasts of IIM Sirmaur to the peak of their skills and grabbing the top opportunities in their careers.