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Udgam, the flagship business conclave of Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur aims to live up to its name, which means to ascend. It is a platform where the academia meets the industry, where the corporate veterans discuss upon the future and where the young minds get inspired. Leaders accumulate their experience, expertise and energy to bring forth solutions to the modern-day business problems. The opportunity gives rise to implementing, inculcating & innovating business leadership skills amongst the students.

Organised by Markaizen and Scope, the Marketing and Operations clubs of IIM Sirmaur, Udgam tends to streamline the business acumen of the executives. Marketing and operations emerged as the duo which bore the brunt of the pandemic and dynamically improvised to implement sustainable and successful solutions. Both the domains discussed in Udgam go hand-in-hand to create an immersive learning experience.

Previous UDGAMs

The theme for IIM Sirmaur’s inaugural business conclave was “Business 2030” and it witnessed philanthropists from conglomerates such as Indian Oil, Deloitte, Reliance Jio and many more. The panelists discussed upon incorporating technology into business, focusing on sustained growth and serving customer centricity.

UDGAM 2.0 encompassed the theme “India Beyond 2020”. With major focus on the upcoming business paradigms, the panel discussions revolved around the concepts of evolving customer perception, growth marketing in times of covid and the dynamics of supply chain and operations. The conclave hosted eminent leaders, philanthropists and entrepreneurs from various industries. Some of the prominent names were Mr. Ashish Chandra - CEO at Bharti Airtel, Ms. Dola Halder - Brand Head at Doritos Pepsico India and Ms. Nidhi Yadav - Associate Director at Deloitte India.

Udgam 3.0

After a long wait of two years, UDGAM is finally being held at the IIM Sirmaur campus, in hybrid mode on 19th-20th November,2021. And what better way to justify this hybrid delivery of conclave than having the theme ‘Envisioning the PhyGital Future’.

  • THEME – Envisioning the PhyGital Future

PhyGital, an intelligent amalgamation of the words physical and digital, has been in existence for about a decade, but gained traction during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even though digital transactions are becoming the new normal, the physical aspect of business still holds precedence. It has become evident that future is not entirely digital or physical. Is it safe to say that the way forward into the future is PhyGital? The Next Normal?

From figuring out the dynamic consumer behaviour to automating everyday processes, managers strive to serve the customers. By combining the physical and digital worlds, they cut down on the flaws that exist independently. Further, synergy of the two has allowed for innovations to emerge in the bleakest of situations.

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