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7th Foundation Day Celebrations


On the occasion of 7th Foundation Day, Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur is organizing a motivational talk on the topic ‘What will I tell my 25-year old self- Master Your Thinking’ by Mr. Amit Kasliwal. 
The talk will focus on why do only a few who inspires? Why do only a few know the art of engaging others? Why do only a few discover their butterfly every single day?  It's not about superhuman or natural inborn ability. These people have mastered the science of thinking, which inspires them & others for better actions. If we can master our thinking, we can master anything in our life: career, relationships, life purpose, fulfilling our ambitions, almost anything. Through this session, the participants will be encouraged to follow their dreams without compromising on who they are as a person, to do away with the sheep mind-set, and help them find their butterfly.

Date: 04th September 2021
Time: 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM
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