1st National Doctoral Colloquium in Business and Management Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sirmaur

1st National Doctoral Colloquium in Business and Management Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh 

(18-20th December 2018)

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh brings first national level doctoral colloquium in business and management. Doctoral colloquiums are considered an essential part of the transformative research journey where doctoral students learn about the fundamentals of research and publishing, get exposed to various research methods, review articles, writing summaries, obtain constructive feedback from peers and experts and gain advice on academic career paths from International scholars. IIM Sirmaur is a young management institute that aspires to become India's leading educational and research institution specializing in different areas of business and management. This doctoral colloquium provides young doctoral students with the opportunity to network, learn, work and receive feedback from peers and leading scholars from their field. In addition to this, participants will engage with national and International scholars in a relatively informal environment which is conducive for meaningful and constructive research communication and exchanges. The proposed doctoral colloquium is aligned with two critical values of IIM Sirmaur: a) to provide opportunities for engaged, continued and general scholarship; b) create and sustain a community of highly interested and motivated business and management scholars.

The proposed three days long doctoral colloquium is an essential national event where doctoral students from all over India will attend, network and build newer social connections. We warmly welcome enthusiastic and passionate doctoral students enrolled at IITs/IIMs/NITs, state and central universities, and other public and private educational institutions to attend this intensive doctoral colloquium. The doctoral colloquium will provide a friendly, open and collaborative environment to the participants. A total of 20 doctoral students will be selected through a competitive process involving online application (CV and short motivation letter) and interview (online/Skype). The selected doctoral students will attend lectures, work in small groups on real data-sets, participate in article writing sessions, present and receive feedback on their work through group presentations. The organizers will provide different topics covering various methodological approaches within the broad field of business and management research. The doctoral students from different stages of their doctoral study are welcome to apply in the colloquium. We offer doctoral students with an exciting opportunity to receive constructive feedback on their work from experienced national and International researchers, who are renowned experts in their field. The attending doctoral students will receive a lifetime opportunity to become part of a highly motivated and enthusiastic community of like-minded researchers, which is a crucial part of overall academic career development.  

General Information

The general information regarding the doctoral colloquium is published on the IIM Sirmaur homepage. To apply, interested doctoral students are requested to send their CV and the letter of motivation (should not be more than one page long) at dc2018@iimsirmaur.ac.in. After the deadline, shortlisting of the candidates will be carried, and some of them might be invited for an online interview. Upto 20 participants will be selected for the doctoral colloquium. All the participants will receive a certificate from IIM Sirmaur after completing the doctoral colloquium.

Should you require more information, do not hesitate to contact at dc2018@iimsirmaur.ac.in.


There are no participating fees for the participating doctoral students. In addition to this, IIM Sirmaur will cover lodging during the doctoral colloquium. The participants are required to cover their own transportation to IIM Sirmaur and food expenses. The food is available at nominal charges in the Institute’s mess.


The application round is open until 10.12.2018. The shortlisted candidates may be invited for the online interviews shortly after the application round. The selected candidates will be informed with the final decision latest by 12.12.2018. Looking forward to seeing you in December! 


Professor Vikas Kumar  -  Chair, Doctoral Colloquium (Mob. No. 7018139947)

Prof. Pradipta Patra        - Co-chair, Doctoral Colloquium

Prof. Amandeep Dhir, Faculty University of Helsinki - Lead Resource Person for the Colloquium.


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