Student Clubs

AREA 51 - The Trading & Investment Club

Stock market plays a pivotal role in the growth of an economy. This is a major reason why it is so closely monitored by governments, central banks, companies and even the general public.The increasing importance of this section of finance has intrigued us a lot. Hence, the club 'AREA 51' of IIM Sirmaur is solely dedicated towards capital market operations where we discuss various events and techniques. We conduct informative sessions, quizzes, expert talks and virtual trading and portfolio management competitions.

FinServe – The Finance Club

FinServe aims to enhance the financial quotient of the students by conducting various inter-college activities like interactive sessions, guest lectures, financial quizzes, debates and events in collaboration with corporates. The activities provide a platform to the students to interact with each other and gain perspective on recent development and innovations in the area of finance.

Markaizen – The Marketing Club

Markaizen organizes events to develop a deep understanding of the various aspects and nuances of the marketing management area. For instance, quizzes like ‘Brand Buzz’ in which participants are given a list of companies and they have to identify corresponding products of the company. Markaizan also conducts simulation games such as  ‘Price is Right’ in which a list of products is displayed to the participants and they have to guess the price of each of the products. The simulation helps in understanding the practical aspects of bargaining and market fluctuations of prices of products.

Sanviya – The Operations and Supply Chain Management Club

Sanviya focuses primarily on equipping the students with the fundamental skills demanded by the manufacturing as well as the service industry in the field of operation and supply chain. The club is committed to enhance the knowledge sharing and add value to the classroom learnings through guest lectures by industry leaders, industry visits and various competitions like quizzes, simulations, and case studies.

Quintus- The IT Club

Quintus is a student initiative focused on providing all IT related solutions on the campus. The club is setting up a Moodle ‘Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment’ facility which is an open Learning Management System (LMS), a Network sharing facility, and developing an online Software Repository containing essential software required for general and academic uses. The club is also building an interactive online forum for brainstorming IT related issues.

Quizzar- The Quizzing Club

“The purpose of the quiz is not to shame or embarrass anyone, but to make sure everyone is on the same page.”- Mark Goulston

Quizzar aims to enhance the general awareness of the students and also encourage them to think beyond their regular academic curricula. Quizzar conducts activities such as dumb charades, interactive and general quizzes, crosswords etc. in new and innovative ways that make them interesting and relevant for the business school students.

The Toastmasters Club

The Toastmasters Club established in IIM Sirmaur is the first in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh. The club conducts regular meetings for its members to develop excellent communication and public speaking skills. The club is looking forward to creating a complimentary club which can extend the benefits of the Toastmasters to non-members as well.

ELOQUENCE - Debate and Public Speaking Club

The Eloquence club of IIM Sirmaur aims to improve the communication and oratory skills of its students. This helps them build up a good personality, thus expediting their chances in the placement interviews and promising a successful corporate life ahead. The club has in the past organized events frequently and it intends to continue on that path.

VIBGYOR - Photography Club

The Photography & Design Club, IIM Sirmaur is a group of like-minded members who express their love and passion for Photography. The aim is to offer a platform on which interested students can promote their work to a wider audience and help people understand the intricacies of photography without bokeh-ing other aspects of management learnings. The club wants to create a buzz about photography and focus on the lively moments of the fast-paced life through different lenses.


RangManch is the art club of IIM Sirmaur. It started with the idea of providing a healthy deviation from the rigorous routine of academics at IIM Sirmaur. The club believes that each one of us has a creative side to his/her personality and all we need is a conduit for our vigorous energies. It encourages students to engage in cultural activities exhibiting their talents.


Horizon, the HR club of IIM Sirmaur strives to further the field of Human Resources by providing an active platform to the HR enthusiasts. The activities are focused to bring IIM Sirmaur at the forefront in the field of Human Resource Management and to build a bridge between corporate and academia.

It organizes various inter and intra-college HR events such as case study competition, monthly quiz competition, and various HR simulation competitions.


Making the most of our locale in the vicinity of the Himalayas is Safarnama- Travel Club of IIM Sirmaur. The club aims to organize travel, adventure and trekking events for the students. It collaborates with the students of other B-schools across the country to explore the unexplored and enhance the learning of the students in the process. The objective of the club is to enrich the students’ personalities through travel experiences.