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Invest you must, time is your friend, stay the course.


“Invest you must, time is your friend, stay the course.”

Mutual Funds have taken lot of precedence and acceptance in today’s world. To impart knowledge on the same, IIM Sirmaur welcomed Mr. Prashant Sharma, Cluster Head of HDFC Asset Management Company, Uttarakhand to conduct “Mutual Fund Expert Speak” Session on 28th August 2017.
He started by highlighting the difference between savings and investment and took the session forward to provide valuable insight into the world of Mutual Fund Investments and Stock Market.
He emphasized on diversification of avenues of wealth creation for long term benefits. He shared his personal experiences to portray the benefits that can be derived from investing in mutual funds. We thank Mr. Prashant Sharma for such an interactive and informative session, and we are sure the students of IIM Sirmaur will be encouraged to invest into mutual funds and look for career prospects in Asset Management.


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